5 Ideas For Organizing Children's Clothes

If you have children, you are aware of how messy they can be. And the same applies to their clothing! When you finally believe you have them all sorted and put away, they manage to mess everything back up.

5 Ideas For Organizing Children's Clothes

1. Apply Uniform Hangers

We can't emphasize this enough, but using the same type of hanger throughout the entire closet is the simplest method to make it look neat and organized. It gives the entire closet a neat, coordinated appearance that is visually appealing. The best and simplest thing you can do to get the most value for your money is this.

2. In The Drawers, Use Dividers

Utilizing dividers in the drawers of their dresser or closet is one approach to achieve this. This will make it easier for you to classify your clothing into groups such as slacks, skirts, short-sleeved shirts, long-sleeved shirts, etc. When your child begins choosing their own clothes, this can be a huge assistance. You can place clothing containers inside dresser drawers or on a shelf in the closet that your toddler can reach. Then, you can use a variety of spaces to arrange your clothing. Sort socks, shorts, and other items into different bins. Feel free to use labeled containers if you'd like, but it's not really necessary for a child's room as your smaller children probably won't be able to read them.

3. Your Children's Clothes, File Folded

I offer this advice with the knowledge that not everyone will find it useful, but one of my favorite methods for keeping kids' clothes organized is to file and fold them. If you put folded clothes in a drawer stacked on top of one another, you'll probably forget what's at the bottom, and your kids will smear the folded clothes at the top as they reach for the items at the bottom.

They can see every pair of shorts, every pair of pants, and every shirt if you file-fold their clothing! You decrease the likelihood that they will muck up all the other foldings because they will know exactly what they are getting when they pull it out.

4. Include Your Kids in the Process!

They might not need a say in how their clothes are sorted if you intend to choose and store your child's outfits for the foreseeable future. However, kids will need to be familiar with the procedure if they are going to be expected to get dressed and put their own clothes away.

Establish a system that is simple for them to use. Shorts and pants are placed in one drawer of the dresser, while shirts and socks are placed in the other, similar to how dress shirts or other beautiful clothing are hung in the closet. To keep their clothing arranged, adjust the strategy and assist your youngster in putting it into practice.

5. Suggestions for Hand-me-Downs

A child's wardrobe may not have much room for storage, so you may need to be strategic about how you arrange their clothing. Using a big bucket, chest, or plastic container and keeping those clothes somewhere else is one option to store hand-me-downs. They are best kept on shelves in the upper part of the closet. In this manner, the children can't get into them, they don't occupy other storage space that we need, but they are still useful and are still accessible to you.

You can always keep the clothing you are saving for a younger sibling in that sibling's closet. Determine whether you want to keep seasonally appropriate apparel in the other child or the child who is closest in age for hand-me-downs.

Keep in mind that they don't need to be neatly folded and stored in the drawers. Just be sure to categorize and carefully segregate their clothing so that you and your child will both know where everything belongs.

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