How To Celebrate Mother's Day With Kids

Mother's Day is the best opportunity to teach your children to respect their moms and thank her in all the small ways for all she does. Despite our wishes, kids generally won't do it on their own until you've worked with them over the years to use mother's day as an opportunity to celebrate their moms. It can be tough to decide how to celebrate mom and it takes time to think and prepare for it. Here are some ways how to celebrate Mother's Day.

5 Ways To Celebrate Mother's Day With Kids

1. Write her a Letter

You can get each of your kids to write a letter to their mom which extols all her virtues and neglects to mention all her flaws. This letter of appreciation written by each child in their own way can make the mom stop for a minute and feel the appreciation she deserves. These can be a treasured keepsakes as well.

2. Give Her Flowers

Flowers have a traditional way to celebrate Mother's Day but they are almost always appreciated. Make sure to get them fresh or do some arrangements with some of her favorite flowers.

3. Make a Craft Project

Moms love the things that their children make with their two little hands. Decoration with rubber and clay stamping is an easy project that moms can keepsake. Homemade spa items like DIY bath salts and bath bombs are some thoughtful gifts that moms can surely use.

4. Prepare a Happy Memories Box

Take your kids to a craft store and bring home a decorated tin and help the kids write some of their favorite memories with moms on cards. You can also print out some pictures of the memories if you have them. It is a lot easier than a scrapbook, as she can pull out the box whenever she wants to remember the fun times she had with her family.

5. Make Mom a Video

You can also make a cute video for your mom this mother's day and it can make her feel special. Have each child speak on the camera about mom - what they love about her and the fun memories they have with each other. You can compile the video clip and add some pictures & music.