Creative Kids Photography Ideas

Kids present a unique challenge to the photographers. How they respond to direction varies with age and personality. But it is absolutely possible to capture good pictures of any kid who happens to get in front of your camera. While photographing kids take it as an exercise in creative photojournalism. Set a plan and be prepared and go with the flow while adding your own creative perspective. Here are 6 creative kids' photography ideas you can you while you are photographing your little girl.

5 Creative Kids Photography Ideas

1. Start the Session with Posed Photos

If your goal is to get candid shots, we recommend starting with a couple of gently posed safety shots. In these pictures, the kid will simply smile at the camera with a soft smile. If you are having trouble making them look in the camera, try different techniques to get to look at the camera.

2. Let go of perfection

We tend to stress about getting perfect clicks. But whenever we do not stress about getting perfect clicks and focus on capturing fun moments, and authentic pictures, we end up with better pictures. In fact, getting fun pictures creates more opportunities to build a good enough rapport with the kids to get them to pose for other traditional poses as well.

3. Get ‘Em Moving

Adding motion to a photograph will instantly make them visually appealing. Kids are more happy and playful when they run or walk rather than making them sit and pose. The beauty of these motions leads to the creation of authentic and candid moments that captures the kid being themselves. You don't have to force a smile out of them and they don't even have to look at the camera.

4. Keep Your Energy Up

Keep up your energy throughout the photoshoot session. The kids will match your energy and fizzle out quickly if you don't keep them engaged. You can interact with your kid like a playmate and let them know that you are planning to have fun.

5. Use Props

Using props is one of the most creative kids' photography ideas. This is another way to boost visual interest in the photographs. You can use props as a compositional tool as well. You can also use natural light and atmosphere as your props.

Along with all these ideas, it is also very important for the little girl to look adorable in whatever she is wearing so look at some of the best dresses from Little Dolly that will make your little girl look elegant and cute.


Summing up, we hope that these 5 creative kids' photography ideas were helpful. Photographing kids requires patience on everyone's part but the final product is always worth the patience. Kids grow past and these pictures freeze time and give parents a keepsake that they can treasure forever.


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