Company Profile

Bothra Creation, a manufacturer of kids wear was founded by Mr.Nitin Bothra in 1996 which paved the path to giving birth to the top kids wear brand in India ‘Little Dolly’. Little Dolly has built an enduring reputation in the 1 to 5 years girls clothing segment by consistently delivering on Fashion, Fabric, Fitting and Finishing - the 4Fs of Bothra Creation.

The Best Dresses!

With over 28 years of experience, Little Dolly deploys best-in-class manufacturing practices and meets or exceeds national and international standards. Little Dolly has in-depth expertise in all types of raw materials including fabrics and a setup equipped with the latest technology and skilled manpower. Everything is selected with a keen eye and careful consideration.

What Makes Little Dolly Phenomenal!

Since its start in 1996, Little Dolly has continuously delivered better value to clients and became their first choice for girls clothing in the age group of 1 to 5 years. At Little Dolly clients can be assured of quality, design, material and consistency while experiencing the highest level of integrity in all transactions. Delivering the best quality consistently throughout.

Mission / Vision

Mission - For our clients: Enable the growth of our clients by delivering superior value by focusing on Fashion, Fabric, Fitting, and Finishing while making the best use of technology and caring for people. For ourselves: To become a leading global manufacturer in kid's wear. Vision - To be the innovative and affordable brand in fashionable clothing for kids by continually transforming ourselves.

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Little Dolly Overview

To deliver better than the best is our promise to our customers. Little Dolly strives to be the mirror for the imagination and dreams of kids and parents where style meets comfort. Little Dolly is one of the topmost brand in India for girls wear in the age group of 1 to 5 years. Our motto of Fashion, Fabric, Fitting and Finishing is the result of serving the interest of our first customers, the little girls, then their parents, and finally our clients, the retailers and distributors.

Our Speciality


Open and clear communication with all
stakeholders & and to all our Customers.


Offer the highest quality fashionable product
with best-in-class service.


Respect towards all humanity and strict
adherence to environmental and industry

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